Missed Out on Bitcoin? Here’s What to Buy Now – Motley Fool

Missed Out on Bitcoin? Here’s What to Buy Now – Motley Fool

Most of us wish we had invested in — or invested more in — Bitcoin. The world’s first cryptocurrency started out at around eight cents in 2010. And this year, it surpassed $60,000. Of course, it may not be too late to get in on this crypto titan. Some predict it will move even higher into the future. (And, as with many investments, others say just the opposite.)

But you may not want to hop on the Bitcoin train this late in the game. Instead, you may hope to find the next big mover in the cryptocurrency space and get in on the growth story earlier. If so, here’s what you should consider buying now.

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A significant place for NFTs

I’m talking about the cryptocurrency Solana (CRYPTO:SOL). If you’re a fan of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), you may have heard of the Solana blockchain. An NFT is a bit of data stored on a blockchain — it is unique and operates like a certificate of authenticity and ownership. For instance, you can buy an original piece of artwork this way. Solana has become a significant platform