5 Cryptocurrencies, other than Bitcoin, you should know about

Even while there is much more awareness among people about the cryptocurrency world, Bitcoin is the only currency they can recollect when asked to. Bitcoin, with its bullish streak, has already rallied beyond the reach of pockets of many. Thus, we came with our list of cryptocurrencies which crypto enthusiasts can still hope to buy without burning a hole in their pockets:

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  1. Ethereum (ETC): This has been the most popular and successful alternative to bitcoins. The stated goal is to create a decentralized suite of financial products to enable everyone to have free access to bank accounts, loans, etc. It can be very helpful in countries where states have not been able to provide such infrastructure to its citizens. It has received an overwhelming response from the general public and currently is priced above a thousand dollars. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that all major exchanges and crypto signals providers cover this currency.
  1. Litecoin (LTH): Launched in 2011, it is another popular cryptocurrency with a potential. It is being accepted by a lot of merchants which establishes its legitimacy as a cryptocurrency. One reason for such acceptance is its faster transaction confirmation than bitcoin due to the fact that its block generation algorithm runs faster. Its hashing algorithm is more sophisticated than bitcoin’s. Its fast speed doesn’t only make transactions smooth but also safer as hackers have to invest extra resources for lesser benefits. It is among the top 5 cryptocurrencies in the world and is currently priced above a hundred dollars. Pro-investors are quite positive of its future and are actively investing in it.
  1. Ripple (XRP): Just like bitcoin, this is an open source protocol. It was developed in 2012 and hence is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies. In terms of market capitalization, it has become the 3rd largest cryptocurrency in the crypto world. The best part is that it is cheaper even than a US dollar and thus to make any significant profits, one needs to deal in a bulk. Its transactions are very fast and secure, thus making it a serious contender in the market.
  1. Cardano (ADA): It was developed in 2017 as an initiative of Japan. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that while other altcoins have a single layer of operation, Cardano uses two layers which provides additional privacy without breaking any law. It works on an algorithm called Ouroboros which has been developed by mathematicians to be secure. It has been made open source to let the community contribute to its development. It is popularly called as “Ethereum Killer” by many. It has been developed for functions similar to those of Ethereum but is believed to be capable of even more. If you are thinking of investing your money, expert traders are already very excited about this one. All popular exchanges are dealing in it already.
  1. NEO (NEO): Developed in 2014, NEO has an objective to promote smart contracts, enabling transfer of physical assets to digital. It is already the sixth largest cryptocurrency out there. But, investors have been generally cautious about this one and aren’t very sure of its future growth. While some have shown a very positive attitude, others haven’t been that enthusiastic. It is China’s first cryptocurrency and is being promoted by the state there. Such state support can play to its advantage in the longer run giving hopes to the traders.

Crypto market is a volatile market. While choosing your crypto currency, make sure it has positive future projections and other supporting mechanisms like reliable exchanges, legit free best crypto signals providers and a vibrant and active community.