3 Lessons All Investors Can Learn From Bitcoin – Motley Fool

3 Lessons All Investors Can Learn From Bitcoin – Motley Fool

Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) has had one heck of a ride over the past few months. After reaching a record high of around $65,000 per token back in April, the cryptocurrency’s price has plummeted around 40% since its peak.

Whether you’ve invested in cryptocurrency or not, it’s been impossible to ignore the crypto phenomenon. You don’t have to invest in Bitcoin to learn a thing or two from its most recent roller coaster of ups and downs, and these three lessons can help make you a better investor.

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1. Short-term gains often come at a cost

Investing in the stock market is playing the long game, but it can be tempting to try to “get rich quick” with the latest trending investment. It’s also easy to look back at Bitcoin’s meteoric rise and think about how much money you would have made if you’d invested a few years ago.

However, getting rich overnight is nearly impossible, and Bitcoin’s dramatic downturn proves that short-term gains often don’t last.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Bitcoin is a bad investment or that it won’t see positive returns over the long run. But if you